GOELETRIC is a sales platform similar to Allegro and Amazon for Buyers and Sellers of electric and ecological vehicles as well as parts and services for them

drive green

You can buy and sell here both electric vehicles of our company GO ELECTRIC and other RETAILERS dealing with recreational ecological vehicles

100% eco vehicles

On the GOELECTRIC platform, you can buy or sell only 100% ecological, non-hybrid vehicles, e.g. electric and hydrogen, as well as services, parts and accessories for them.


On the YouTube channel " GOELECTRIC Platform", you will find, among others, video tutorials and presentations on how to add and sell your products.

Our history and goals

Being nature lovers, our little family opened a shop dedicated to eco vehicles. Our activity was guided by the goal of promoting these vehicles, contributing to their greater availability and, as a result, protecting health and the environment.

However, we have painfully experienced that despite ecological declarations, our vehicles are treated in the same way as internal combustion engines and we do not receive any support from the state or sales markets. Our platform was created to change that!

What do you get???

By buying or listing products on GOELECTRIC , you get the satisfaction of co-building a platform where you can find everything about ecological vehicles and numerous, unique benefits:

Time-saving technical capabilities

With capabilities such as product variants, video demos and virtual product sales, products and services are more easily presented and purchased.

Sales abroad in foreign languages

You can sell and buy in several foreign languages at the same time, reaching products and audiences all over Europe

No or minimal commissions

Buyers are not charged and protected by a protection program and Sellers incur minimal or no costs

Profit share

The more you buy or sell, the more discounts you get

Blog about ecological vehicles

You can not only read it, but also write your posts in it

28 days return policy for all

We introduce the best standards of good cooperation, which is why we also extend the right to returns to entrepreneurs.

In short

By selling and/or buying on GOELECTRIC contribute to environmental protection, you take part in creating a platform dedicated only to ecological vehicles and you get many benefits that you will not get anywhere else. By joining us today, YOU CREATE THE FUTURE ONLY WITH GREEN VEHICLES.

Add your product

On YouTube you will find presentations showing how to add a product, how to open an account, etc. To start selling on GOELECTRIC , all you need to do is:

1. open an account

2. add your product

Happy selling!

Time and money

Why buy and sell on platforms that are expensive and unsuitable for green vehicles? Let's stop wasting time and money on them! Let's help each other, because they certainly won't help us.

GO ELECTRIC is also a shop and services

GOELECTRIC also sells its ecological vehicles on the GOELECTRIC platform and cooperates with services dealing with such vehicles. We would like to invite all plants of this type to cooperate. The map shows the Radom service.

Frequently Asked Questions

What fees GOELECTRIC charge?

GOELECTRIC charges the following fees and commissions from users listing offers at Goelectric.pl:

a. a fixed percentage commission on the sale of the Goods and not more than PLN 100

b. fees for additional options (optional)

Besides, GOELECTRIC never charges any fees. In particular, it does not collect fees from Buyers.

More about fees in: Help System and FAQ


GOELECTRIC is for everyone who wants to sell, buy or rent an electric or ecological vehicle and parts, accessories, services and real estate related to it. For example:

1. For stationary stores that do not have their own website and want to sell online

2. For online stores that want their products to be visible in other places

3. For anyone who wants to easily share or sell their product

4. For anyone who wants to buy an electric vehicle or other related equipment and accessories and spare parts

5. For electric vehicle services that would like to cooperate with GOELECTRIC

6. For car and motorcycle showrooms

7. For distributors and importers

8. For disposal or repair facilities for batteries, vehicles and their parts. These plants can list their business cards free of charge on the https://goelectric.pl/en/ and epojazd.pl websites on the list of facilities dealing with electric vehicles throughout the country

9. For distributors and sellers who want to buy vehicles sold by GO ELECTRIC at wholesale prices.

What distinguishes GOELECTRIC from ALLEGRO, AMAZON, EBAY, etc.?

GOELECTRIC , similarly to the similar services of ALLEGRO, AMAZON, EBAY, etc., enables sellers to place offers or auctions and their purchase by Buyers and the Buyer Protection Program. However, the GOELECTRIC differs from them by several important features:

1. sale of electric and ecological vehicles only, as well as parts and services for them

2. disproportionately lower selling costs and the specific objective of promoting and reducing the price of electric or green vehicles

3. greater technical sales capabilities - e.g. variants, video presentation and sale of virtual products (i.e. services, tickets, registration, files, etc.)

4. the ability to sell and buy across Europe in four languages at the same time

How did the whole idea come about?

The idea was born from the desire to contribute to changing the natural environment for the better, from the desire to make an important contribution to reality and the desire to improve business relations resulting from our experience as sellers of electric vehicles

Are you looking for employees?

Currently not, but we hope that in the future there will be such a demand.

What GOELECTRIC offer Sellers?


1. extremely low selling costs on the GOELECTRIC platform, which additionally decrease with the number of sales

2. greater technical sales capabilities - e.g. variants, video presentation and sale of virtual products (i.e. services, tickets, registration, files, etc.)

3. the ability to sell throughout Europe in four languages at the same time

4. additional options such as individual, multimedia complex shop pages and product presentations in many languages



1. advice on the import and sale of ecological vehicles

2. representing the interests of sellers of ecological vehicles, e.g. by collecting signatures on petitions aimed at improving the law

3. facilitating the import of eco-vehicles by arranging a container of small orders from different sellers

What GOELECTRIC offer to Buyers?

Buyer protection program, i.e. full refund within 28 days of delivery. In addition, we impose many requirements on Sellers that increase satisfaction with shopping - e.g. cash on delivery.

What is your mission?


- replacing all combustion vehicles with ecological vehicles

- reducing the prices of electric vehicles

- improving trade relations

- supporting sellers of ecological vehicles

- introducing a law supporting ecological vehicles and their users

What are your values?


- health

- community

- natural environment

Can I read about you?

Yes, we have an About Us page here:


More questions and answers can be found in our Help System and FAQ